Monday 22nd August 2022

Registration opens at 10am

Lunch 12 noon

1pm start

  • Our first two sessions of the Symposium aim to set the scene for the meeting with a lively introduction to the current state of play in the industry.  We will start with a brief introduction to the meeting by the Chair and branch President.  This will be followed by talks discussing the previous value of growth promoting antibiotics and the management and feeding of broilers in the post antibiotic era. These two sessions will concluded with a panel session.

Evening: Barbeque at Clare College

Tuesday 23rd August

  • Session three aims to define the terms pre and probiotics and more novel terms such as ‘synbiotics’.  Talks will cover their proposed modes of action in some detail.  We will also discuss competitive exclusion as a concept.
  • Session four will bring some discussion on how we evaluate such ingredients and additives using both classical and more novel techniques, including new ways of collecting and evaluating data and meta analysis.


  • Session Five will continue to build on the methods of action of pre and probiotics and other adjacent product categories.  Do we need to look closely at the microbiome, the animal’s performance, other factors or all of the above?
  • Session 6 gives us the opportunity to look at how these ingredients interact with other components of the diet and look at more global perspectives.

Evening: Gala Dinner, Trinity Hall Cambridge

Wednesday 24th August

  • Session 7 will cover the opportunities for new technologies in this area.  The scientific committee has identified that bacteriophage is an up and coming technology, coming to prominence over the last two years.  We have invited speakers to introduce topic and to discuss the regulatory landscape in general terms.
  • Session 8 will be a chaired session with discussion of the three days.


We are delighted to confirm the following speakers with more to be announced in coming weeks:

Confirmed speakers – 

Professor Roberto La Ragione, University of Surrey

Reg Smith, fomerly of Faccenda

Dr Natalie Morgan, University of New England

Dr Ivan Rychlik, Veterinary Research Institute, Czech Republic

Professor Richard Ducatelle, University of Ghent

Dr Farina Khattak, SRUC

Dr Mike Bedford, ABVista Limited

Dr Eleanor McCartney, Pen and Tec