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Monday 22nd August 2022

Registration opens at 1100

Lunch 1200

1300 start

Our first two sessions of the Symposium aim to set the scene for the meeting with a lively introduction to the current state of play in the industry.

 Session 1. Background
1300Welcome and introduction
Mr Stephen Lister and Dr Nell Masey O’Neill
13151. Novel alternatives to antibiotics for use in the poultry industry
Professor Roberto La Ragione, University of Surrey
13552. What is antibiotic resistance and why is it a problem?
Dr Sam McLean, Nottingham Trent University

1435 Break

 Session 2. What are the challenges of working to promote gut health?
14503. A practical approach to managing poultry without antibiotics.
Reg Smith, Consultant, Former Ag Director, Faccenda
15304. What are the challenges of working without AGPs? Nutrition perspectives – producing feed without antibiotics
Ralph Bishop, Premier Nutrition

1610 Afternoon sessions’ panel discussion.

1640 Close

1830 Barbeque at Memorial Court, Clare College

Tuesday 23rd August

 Session 3. Definition and modes of action of pre and pro biotics
09005. Role of pre-, pro- and syn-biotics in reducing zoonotic pathogen abundance, lowering anti-microbial resistance, and improving food safety: Old concepts with a new perspective.
Dr Farina Khattak, SRUC
09406. Is competitive exclusion a useful new technology?
Dr Ivan Rychlik, Veterinary Research Institute, Czech Republic

1020 Break

 Session 4. How should we evaluate these additives?
10357. Go with your gut?
Dr Anne Richmond, Moy Park
11158. How can we generalise from disparate measures?
Dr Mike Bedford, AB Vista

1155 Morning sessions’ panel discussion.

1225 Lunch

 Session 5. What are the modes of action in poultry?
13259. Mechanisms of prebiotic xylo-oligosaccharides on improving poultry performance
Dr Nat Morgan, University of Curtin
140510. Microbiome assessment as a commercial tool
Dr Jack Geremia, DSM

1445 Break and poster viewing

 Session 6. How do pre and pro biotics interact with other dietary components?
154511. Paradigm Shifts in EU Animal Nutrition Legislation – Local & Global Implications
Dr Elinor McCartney, Pen and Tec Consulting

1625 Afternoon sessions’ panel discussion

1655 Close

1830pm Drinks reception with punting on the Cam, Trinity Hall

1930pm Gala Dinner, Trinity Hall

Wednesday 24th August

 Session 7. Next Steps and New Technologies
090012. Potential applications of bacteriophage therapy to improve poultry health
Professor Martha Clokie and Dr Anisha Thanki, University of Leicester
094013. Phytotherapeutics: practical use and field experience
Dr Allan Ball, Slate Hall
102014. Biomarkers for Intestinal Health
Professor Richard Ducatelle, University of Ghent

1100 Panel discussion

1130 Break

 Session 8. Discussion/close
114515. Chaired panel session with gathered questions

1215 Lunch and close